So far, I hope you have learned quite a bit from my blog and I hope to offer a lot more so that you can keep learning and growing as a writer. But, you should know my ability to help you write your novel doesn’t stop there.

As a Plotter, I am skilled in helping others create, define, and refine their plot outline and assist writers in untangling their plot as they write. This means I will consult with you, help you visualize your ideas and narrow down your concepts during the plot outlining process, and even write an outline for you to utilize.

As a Developmental Editor, I can assess what has already been written and help you find ways to tighten and improve upon your novel. This means helping you create fully rounded characters, tweak your twists, and fill in plot holes as I find them.

This can be as simple as a quick plot writing assignment or read through, or I can guide you as a Mentor while you draft and revise your novel. You can book me on an hourly basis to read through your work and critique it based on my assessment of your plot, your characters, and your overall message.

My specializations include fantasy, urban fantasy, contemporary fantasy, mystery, sci-fi, and paranormal romance. I can work within both the Adult genre and the Young Adult genre. If you’d like to approach New Adult, we can discuss what that means for your story and your publishing goals.

To book my services, visit my profile at Upwork or contact me at