As you all might realize by now, I am obsessed with food!

While it was always my dream to open a restaurant or bakery, it was far too expensive a dream. Therefore, I made my characters open interesting and inspiring restaurants. The most notable restaurant in the MARKED series so far has to be Balefire.

Balefire is the hub of Faoladh activity. It is where they meet to recharge after a long day or hold war councils when the Clan is falling apart. They get their fill of comfort food, usually in the form of pizza (or, oddly enough, mashed potatoes in Diana’s opinion) and get ready to tackle whatever comes their way.

This week’s challenge for me is to make a different Balefire inspired pizza every night. That means looking back to the menu I once made as well as adding all new recipes to the menu. I would like to make a pizza I created for Bound by Blood, my upcoming novella, that includes dried figs, goat cheese, and bacon while Hubs wants to make an Indian inspired flat bread pizza.


The end result will be a small companion booklet of Balefire pizza recipes! The companion booklet will be available for download for free. I hope, in the future, to be able to print a mini version for events, too.

NOTE: Said recipes will probably call for ready-made pizza dough or other flatbreads. Because ain’t no one got time to raise dough when they’re writing books or herding cats. Or kids, if that’s your bag.


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